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stop being too cool to enjoy things

my dad has been posting random articles and things on my wall for days constantly

stop. im so close to deleteing him


There ARE laws against this. It’s called rape by deception or fraudulent rape and basically, it’s anytime the conditions of your consent are compromised. In a situation like this, you consented to protected sex. By having sex in a way you did not consent to, a crime WAS committed and he could be charged if any physical effects like pregnancy or STD occurred. Remember, ANY SEXUAL ACTIVITY YOU DON’T CONSENT TO IS RAPE. 

If a guy does this, it’s rape. Call the cops. Ruin his life since he has no problem risking yours. Make him fucking learn. Rapists belong in jail. Rape by deception is rape, not a funny “meme”. 


whoever knows me long enough, they’ve probably already seen these.

otherwise, heres my batch of favourite six selfies

how 2 b a good defense lawyer


step 1: yell objection a lot
step 2: slam on desks
step 3: have a ridiculous hairstyle



Bean is being super cuddly today


i was told….

- customers who wanna start some shit   (via stability) -


If you hate Gendo Ikari with a passion clap your hands


Momo, this is not how you flirt.